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Drama CD Reveals Paul Greyrat’s Thoughts at the Time of Death

Drama CD Reveals Paul Greyrat's Thoughts at the Time of Death

Today’s episode of Mushoku Tensei was quite sad as we witnessed the death of Paul, Rudeus’ father, and to make matters worse, we discovered that Zenith, his mother, is not sane.

But how about making the situation even sadder? Volume 12 of the light novel had a special edition with a Drama CD, released in 2016, which reveals Paul’s point of view and his thoughts while he was dying.

Drama CD Reveals Paul Greyrat’s Thoughts at the Time of Death

Below, you can see the scene of Paul’s death with English subtitles. I’ve also transcribed what he says:

Paul: “My vision is darkening, I can’t breathe, I can’t speak. Am I dying? At least… I wanted to confirm if Zenith is alive or not. Not just that… Norn and Aisha, I wanted to see them again. Are they going to school? Have they grown up? Lilia… what kind of expression will she have? Even if it’s troublesome…”

Lilia Mushoku Tensei Paul deaths

“…Will she cry? Damn… I’m full of regrets. I don’t want to die. There are… so many things I wanted to do…” At this moment, Rudeus sees his father.

Mushoku Tensei Paul death scene

“But… oh well, it’s better than Rudy dying… stay positive.” I bet it was at this moment that he smiled upon seeing that Rudeus was alive.

Paul smile in his death

Paul didn’t want to die, but in the end, he thought it was better for him to die than Rudeus. I hope Rudeus takes care of the family now.

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