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Fans React to the Father’s Day Episode of Mushoku Tensei

Fans React to the Father's Day Episode of Mushoku Tensei

Today, June 16th, is Father’s Day in Japan. Imagine watching episode 22 of “Mushoku Tensei 2,” where SPOILERS: Paul Greyrat, Rudeus’s father in this world, dies while fighting a hydra to save Zenith, Rudeus’s mother.

The episode features intense action during the hydra battle but ends tragically with Paul’s death as he sacrifices himself to protect Rudeus.

Mushoku Tensei Paul death

The scene is shocking, with Paul being cut in half, yet he smiles seeing Rudeus safe, even though Rudeus loses an arm in the fight.

Paul dies and has his body burned in Mushoku Tensei 2

Paul’s death is a significant turning point. Everyone decides to burn his body to let him rest in peace. Zenith is rescued but remains unconscious for four days. When she wakes up, she cannot speak and seems to be in a mentally debilitated state, unable to communicate or think rationally.

To make Paul’s death even sadder, consider that he spent years searching for Zenith. When they finally find her, he dies without getting a chance to see her again. The last time they saw each other was before the mass teleportation incident, making the situation even more tragic.

Zenithe wakes up in Mushoku Tensei 2

Fans React to the Father’s Day Episode of Mushoku Tensei

Let’s see how the fans reacted to the episode. First, the reactions from Western fans:

  • “This episode was like visiting London.”
  • “Paul died smiling, having saved the most important thing to him, his family. Vin Diesel would be proud.”
  • “I hate you all, I’m crying again.”
  • “Maybe going to sleep with the cat or dog girl would have been the best choice.”
  • “That scene was brutal… they really did it with the blood falling into his eye.”
  • “Wow, I’ve never seen an anime where someone loses an arm because of a monster blinking.”
  • “Fun fact, remember that Rudeus named his arms Hulk and Hercules at the beginning of the season? His left arm is called Hercules.”
  • “So… did anyone mention something about regret?”
  • “I am not daijobu.”

Now, the reactions from Japanese fans to episode 22 of “Mushoku Tensei 2”:

  • “Hey, it’s Father’s Day…”
  • “There’s no lower half of the body…”
  • “The production team bringing this on Father’s Day… they have no heart?”
  • “A world without resurrection spells.”
  • “Died because of a lapse in judgment.”
  • “Even if someone appeared naked right now, I couldn’t be happy…”
  • “It’s like Paul was never here…”
  • “I can’t be happy with boobs in this situation (´・ω・`)”
  • “If it were the dungeon from ‘Dungeon Meshi,’ he would have survived even with just bones.”
  • “Can’t you stick the body back together with magic?”
  • “Did they leave the body behind?”
  • “If Rudeus hadn’t come, Roxy would have died, and they wouldn’t have been able to save Zenith either.”
  • “They said not to use fire in the dungeon, but…”

My opinion is that the overall situation is very sad. I wasn’t particularly attached to Paul as a character, but I respected how all the other characters felt about him since he was the leader and all. Seeing everyone sad is very painful.

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