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Blue Archive Anime Features Foot Licking Scene

Blue Archive Anime Features Foot Licking Scene

On the same day many were emotional over episode 22 of Mushoku Tensei II, others were eagerly anticipating a particular scene in the Blue Archive anime, based on the mobile game of the same name.

I don’t play Blue Archive and I’m not familiar with the story, but I watched the episode to understand the context of the scene. It appears a girl is kidnapped/held captive, and the teacher, along with other girls, wants to rescue her. They visit various locations seeking help for the rescue mission, and at one point, they go to Gehenna school where the teacher wants to talk to Hina, but first meets Iori.

Blue Archive Anime Features Foot Licking Scene

In a previous episode where the teacher met Iori, she said: “Even if you kneel, give us money, or even lick our feet…” to which the teacher responded: “Although your proposal is interesting, we can’t accept it this time.”

In the recent episode, Iori again mentions the teacher licking her feet. The teacher goes to see Hina to ask for help, but Iori doesn’t want to let him pass, and he starts sucking/licking her feet when Iori says she will let him see Hina if he kneels and licks her foot.

As I mentioned in the previous episode’s scene, it seems that the teacher has a fondness for feet, as he didn’t hesitate to take off Iori’s boot and went straight to licking her foot.

Teacher licking Iori's foot in the Blue Archive anime. This scene generated many comments among fans.

Comparison with the Original Game

For comparison, here’s the same scene in the original game:

Let’s see some comments from fans about this scene:

  • “Anime is saved.”
  • “Fujimaru Ritsuka needs a lesson from this teacher.”
  • “Blue Archive anime finally adapted the foot licking scene, peak fiction.”
  • “Absolute Cinema.”
  • “Delicious, Ayane’s feet are delicious!”
  • “By the way, in the original there was a slight pause. Here, he went to lick without delay.”

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