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Dark Facts of Mushoku Tensei

Dark Facts of Mushoku Tensei

How about learning some dark facts about Mushoku Tensei? As it is a light novel series, the anime tends to omit many small details that simply cannot fit into the 20-minute episodes, so it’s up to us to seek out these nuances in the light novel.

There’s a YouTube channel that consistently unveils things that Mushoku Tensei’s anime missed—little details that help us better understand the characters and the world.

Dark Facts of Mushoku Tensei

Darius, the Pervert

Dark Facts of Mushoku Tensei

Let’s start by talking about Darius, the bald guy who appeared in episode 0 of the second season. He was responsible for the events that led to the execution of Sauros Boreas Greyrat (Eris’s grandfather). He is seen with a young girl in episode 0. Darius pays a hefty sum to have young noble girls kidnapped, so he can take advantage of them.

Remember the Eris kidnapping case in the first season? Darius was behind that abduction!

The Sadistic Princess

Dark Facts of Mushoku Tensei

Despite the anime showing Ariel as a well-behaved young lady (to a certain extent), she is immensely perverted and sadistic. She enjoys abusing her female servants; in the web novel, there was a time when Ariel tried to abuse Sylphie and ended up being attacked, awakening her masochistic side.

A side story manga revealed that Ariel gets “excited” with unexpected public embarrassment. Despite this perverted side, her sadistic tendencies likely stem from childhood trauma, reflected in attempts on her life.

Ariel was protected by 15 servants on her journey to Ranoa University, but she was attacked several times by Darius’s assassins, leaving only 5 servants.

Literate Bandits Deceive Children

Dark Facts of Mushoku Tensei

Reading and writing are skills that many people in the world of Mushoku Tensei lack. Bandits who can write use an intelligent tactic to kidnap noble children: they write letters to the kids, gaining their trust and then kidnapping them.

The Superdia Massacre

Dark Facts of Mushoku Tensei

400 years ago, the Superds were deceived by Laplace into using demonic spears instead of their own. Using these spears, they went berserk and began killing everyone in front of them, be they friends or foes.

Under the influence of the spear, Ruijerd killed his parents, wife, and child; when he finally regained consciousness, he was chewing on his son’s finger.

The Demonic Continent

Dark Facts of Mushoku Tensei

This was the continent that Ruijerd, Rudeus, and Eris had to cross to return home. One detail about it is that water and food are scarce, often requiring one to eat insects to survive.

Another detail concerns young adventurers; many end up dying on this continent because the weakest monsters one can encounter here are of Rank D, and the lowest rank is F, so imagine starting from D.

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