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Fans are taking on the task of producing a Berserk anime

Fans are taking on the task of producing a Berserk anime

Fans are producing a Berserk anime? One thing that already exists and is quite common in the gaming world is fan-made versions of famous series. You can find fan-produced Mario games that include beloved villains and power-ups.

Another series with many fan games is Pokémon, boasting numerous fan-created versions. Additionally, there are various projects that fans get involved in, such as an original mod for Persona 3 FES that adds several new options, animated scenes from movies, and more.

Fans are taking on the task of producing a Berserk anime

We’ve reached an era where fans, tired of waiting for an official product, decide to take matters into their own hands, saying, “We’ll do it ourselves.” This seems to be happening with Berserk, created by Kentaro Miura.

The Studio Eclypse, an online animation studio created by fans, currently working on the animation of “Shingeki no Kyojin Requiem” (a fan-made alternate ending to the manga), is now also set to produce a Berserk anime.

They shared:

“Pre-production has officially begun.

BERSERK: The Black Swordsman

This series is very close to our hearts, we aim to create a proper 2D adaptation of the stories that have been neglected of this medium, starting from the beginning.”

Their post has already reached 3 million views so far. The video they shared looks well-made, and they’ve already revealed who will voice Guts, along with some staff members.

Let’s see how fans are reacting:

“It’s sad to see how Berserk has been mishandled over the years by anime committees, to the point where a fan-made studio says, ‘If they won’t do it, we will.'”

“This is incredible. We desperately need a quality 2D animation of Berserk after dealing with that CG.”


Fans are taking on the task of producing a Berserk anime

“We continue to see this arc repeatedly. Come on, give us the other arcs after the Eclipse arc. Wow! There are more stories that need to be explored, instead of being stuck in the same ones repeatedly.”

“I hope the copyright holders don’t take you down.”

“A fan-made Berserk anime?”

“This is way too amazing. I know it’s just a fan series, but I hope they maintain this level of consistency with the animation shown in this teaser. You guys are doing God’s work, thank you so much.”

“This is what I’ve been waiting for a long time, and I’m very excited. What a shame for the anime community for showing so much disrespect to this series, especially with that 3D anime.”

It’s incredible to think that Berserk, a manga so beloved by fans, ended up receiving such a horrendous animation years ago. Now, let’s wait and see how this fan-made project turns out, given the uncertainty regarding the response from copyright holders.

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