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An anime with pretty girls is better than a decent story

Is it right to say that what makes a large part of the public watch an anime are the pretty girls rather than a good story? Can we say that an anime with pretty girls is worth more than a decent story?

Over the years the anime industry has become increasingly commercial, and girls sell very well, as there are all kinds of merchandise such as dakimakuras, figures, posters and much more.

An anime with pretty girls is better than a decent story

Nowadays, all you have to do is add pretty, cute girls to a low-quality story and it’s a sure hit, and we have a perfect example of this, which is Kanojo Okarishimasu, a anime that you say, is carried on your shoulders by pretty, cute girls and which has a protagonist which is hated by 99.9% of the public.

An anime with pretty girls is better than a decent story

Pretty girls, that’s the current focus of the anime industry, and that’s exactly the conversation that took place on a Japanese radio show with former Studio Ghibli president Toshio Suzuki, director and screenwriter Gen Urobuchi and director Mamoru Oshii who discussed the anime industry’s changing focus in recent years.

An anime with pretty girls is better than a decent story

Oshii stated that the narrative has disappeared from the industry, and now characters hold more significance. Urobuchi agreed with Oshii, adding that creators and producers no longer want to part with successful characters.

Gen Urobuchi said:

“I felt this intensely with Hatsune Miku. Hatsune Miku doesn’t carry any story with her but became a success solely based on her character personality. Watching this gave me a professional fear as a scriptwriter. ‘Will we not be needed in the future?'”

Arguments supporting the focus on characters in anime include the success of franchises like Love Live!, Vocaloid, and Fate, the popularity of isekai anime, and the trend of creating characters with whom the audience can identify.

In fact, we’ve previously discussed here that certain light novels receive anime adaptations solely because of their female characters!

The reason for this is that strong characters sell well, including waifus and husbandos, as people enjoy spending on products featuring their favorite characters. After all, that’s why you see so much merchandise for characters like Rem from ReZero, for example.

Source: Yaraon