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Bocchi fans are giving up playing the Guitar

Bocchi fans are giving up playing the Guitar

Bocchi fans are giving up playing the Guitar! It’s very common for you to be encouraged by a show to do something. Characters like Monkey D.Luffy and Goku could very well encourage people to eat right.

Bocchi The Rock fans were motivated to play the guitar, but that didn’t last long as they gave up shortly afterwards. A tweet from a Japanese guitarist shows the state of a second-hand guitar shop that recently went viral.

People noticed that the tweet in question shows an absurd amount of Les Paul Custom guitars, the same guitar that is used in the anime of Bocchi The Rock.

”Everyone gave up 2 or 3 months after watching the anime and started playing guitar.”

Bocchi fans are giving up playing the Guitar

Certainly many fans of Bocchi The Rock were interested in learning to play the guitar because of the motivational tone of the series. And they even went after the guitar played by the protagonist of the series.

Bocchi fans are giving up playing the Guitar

Hitori plays a Gibson Les Paul Custom 1968 Reissue Ebony electric guitar that she borrows from her father. Gibson Les Paul Customs are known for being sophisticated handcrafted guitars.

This model is very expensive, and it is not something that someone would invest for casual activities. That said, the guitars in the tweet above are more affordable, non-US made models like the less expensive GrassRoots and Epiphone Les Pauls and the more prestigious Fujigen Les Pauls.

But although Bocchi The Rock fans were inspired enough to make this purchase, they didn’t have enough motivation to continue, it was something of a spur of the moment thing.

Seeing the abandoned guitars, many users expressed their disappointment at the lack of will power of Bocchi The Rock fans who gave up and decided to resell their guitars after doing so for no more than a few months.

Another anime that influenced this ”guitar boom” was K-ON!, a 2009 anime that became very popular in Japan. The 1950s Gibson Les Paul Standard Heritage Cherry Sunburst used by protagonist Yui Hirasawa was the instrument of the day.

Bocchi fans are giving up playing the Guitar

Incidentally, it was pointed out that this same guitar can be seen on the back of the thrift shop photo:

”The same thing happened when the K-ON anime became popular about 10 years ago. At that time, there were also many otaku who said ”I started playing guitar because of anime”, but more than 95% of them gave up and I still haven’t seen any of them playing guitar even today. As expected, the same thing happened with Bocchi The Rock.”

Well, although it’s sad to see so many abandoned guitars, we can’t help but say that at least people tried to try something new under the influence of an anime.

Source: Automaton

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