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The Author of Sword Art Online was accused of plagiarism

Autor de Sword Art Online foi acusado de plágio

The Author of Sword Art Online was accused of plagiarism! Social media plays a crucial role in keeping people connected, fostering friendships, and enabling discussions on various subjects, doesn’t it?

However, at times, one might encounter confusing and peculiar situations, and that’s precisely what happened to Sword Art Online author, Reki Kawahara.

The Author of Sword Art Online was accused of plagiarism

In his account, Kawahara reveals receiving a private message on his official X profile (formerly Twitter), where an unknown individual expressed confusion, claiming Sword Art Online as their creation, leaving Reki puzzled.

But there’s more. This person bombarded him with a series of questions, asking why Reki’s work was published without any form of permission. This situation left the author extremely bewildered, unsure of how to respond.

Reki pointed out that, although Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs has a copyright registration system, it doesn’t guarantee ownership of those rights.

He emphasizes that, if someone were to sue him for alleged plagiarism in Sword Art Online, he could prove the work is his through his website, where he originally posted SAO in 2002.

However, he acknowledges that gathering various documents and making a significant effort would be necessary to substantiate his claim. He suggests that it would be beneficial to have some form of certificate that could serve as confirmation of a story being of certain author.

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