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URGENT: Players cannot logout of Sword Art Online, Removing NerveGear causes Death

Players cannot logout of Sword Art Online

The long-awaited Sword Art Online game was released today, November 6, 2022, after the beta ended on August 30, the game servers were opened and many players entered the game.

But what was supposed to be a happy date with the launch of a new game is turning into a nightmare, according to the authorities we have reports of players who are not waking up after removing the NerveGear, in fact, it was reported that so far, 213 people ended up dying after removing the NerveGear.

NerveGear is the virtual reality helmet that makes it possible to play Sword Art Online, authorities urge family members not to remove NerveGear from players who are in the game at risk of death.

According to the game’s team, at least 10,000 players are trapped inside the game and unable to log out, the game team asked people not to log in to the game while they are checking what is happening.

Any update of this case we will notify everyone.