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Novel author, Naoto Asahara passed away

Naoto Asahara passed away

Sankei Sports newspaper reported last week that the author of novels such as Kanojo ga Suki na Mono wa Homo de Atte Boku de wa Nai, passed away on July 16 due to malignant lymphoma.

Naoto Asahara had shared in a blog post on July 1st that he had been diagnosed and hospitalized since June 27th. Asahara recently published the novel 100 Nichigo ni Wakareru Boku to Kare on May 19.

Naoto Asahara premiered the novel Kanojo ga Suki na Mono wa Homo de Atte Boku de wa Nai (She Likes Homosexuals, Not Me) in October 2016 on Kadokawa’s Kakuyomu website.

Kadokawa published the novel in print with illustrations by Yojiro Arai in February 2018. The story follows Jun Ando, ​​a closeted gay boy who befriends Sae Miura, a closeted fujoshi (boy love fan) girl.

The series received a manga adaptation by Akira Hirahara in January 2019. The manga’s third and final compiled book volume shipped in March 2020. The series has also inspired a live-action television drama.

Source: ANN

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