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How did the Takagi-san Manga End?

How did Takagi-san Manga End?

With the live-action adaptation of Takagi-san set to premiere in March 2024, let’s take a look at how the manga of Takagi-san concluded. After all, this manga has been in publication for over 10 years! It has had 3 anime seasons, 1 movie, and now a live-action adaptation!

How did Takagi-san Manga End?

So, how did the Takagi-san manga conclude? Nishikata and Takagi attend a festival together, and there, Nishikata plans to confess his feelings to her. He mentions having a great spot for them to watch the fireworks.

However, Takagi spots a kitten and decides to play with it for a while. In the midst of this, Nishikata and Takagi end up losing each other in the crowded festival. Nishikata begins to search frantically, running back and forth in search of her.

Nishikata eventually heads to the location he mentioned to Takagi, the ideal spot to watch the fireworks. When he arrives, he finds her there. Without much thought, he declares his love: “I love you, Takagi-san.”

How did Takagi-san Manga End?

She is taken aback, and he stammers as if the words slipped out. But she pretends not to have heard him because of the fireworks (a blatant lie) and asks him to repeat it.

How did Takagi-san Manga End

Unlike many other protagonists who might backpedal, Nishikata declares his love once again. Takagi asks him to repeat it, and he continues to profess his love. In the end, she approaches him, embraces him, and tells him she had heard him the first time.

How did Takagi-san Manga End

Takagi also confesses her love, and the two are now officially a couple! On another day, they are walking to school together, just like any other day in their lives, but this time there’s something different – they are a couple!

How did Takagi-san Manga End


VERY CUTE, I mean, most people already knew they would become a couple, but it’s nice to finally see it happen. I just wish there were a few more chapters showing their life as a couple.

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