JAV Actress Doesn’t Want You to Skip the Story in JAVs

JAV Actress Doesn't Want You to Skip the Story in JAVs

When you pick up that adult jav movie to watch, do you watch it from start to finish or do you jump straight to the good parts? Well, it turns out that Japanese movies tend to be big.

There are two-hour films, three-hour films and even four- or eight-hour films, the Japanese like to put history in their films, but there is a Japanese adult actress who published a large text saying that she works hard and for long hours of recordings, for the crowd to simply skip the story in the movies.

Her Instagram post:

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“As expected, morning until midnight? Until dawn? I was so tired after shooting that I fell asleep immediately when I got home.

Every month we worked hard for two days, from early morning to late at night, to make the film. I want you to watch the whole movie without skipping the story scenes, and even if the finished movie is shorter than the production time, I want you not to look for it for free on the Internet, but to buy it properly.

For those watching, I don’t know what kind of work do you do, do you work part-time at a convenience store or a restaurant? As an office worker or in a hospitality setting? but if it’s boring for others to see, use the free remote that cost you so much to produce, don’t you believe it? Even if people think or say “it’s just pornography”, we all take our jobs seriously.”

What did you think of her message?

“Who paid decides how they want to watch”

“The more story scenes the better”

“It’s Westerners who usually pirate”

“The problem is that there are performances that are so bad that I jump straight into the action”

“I only like movies whose stories are about married couples cheating”

Anyway, what do you do when you get a jav to watch? Do you watch the story without skipping a beat or do you jump right into the action?

Girl on the cover of the post is just to illustrate.

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