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The World has gone mad in the Manga! Spoilers for Munou na Nana

Spoilers for Munou na Nana

Munou na Nana, who watched this anime that premiered in October 2020? I came here to give Munou Nana Spoilers. The anime had a total of 13 episodes and its story is about a girl named Nana who infiltrates a school located on an island and her mission is to kill all the students.

In the world of anime, there are ordinary people and there are “Talented”, people who are born with special powers, talented children are sent to a school that is on an Island.

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The government’s plan, however, is to send an undercover assassin to kill most of the talented people, and the anime shows the girl Nana, who has no powers, infiltrating the school and killing students one by one.

Spoilers for Munou na Nana! What’s happening in the Manga?

I will summarize a lot the events of the manga after the end of the anime, but what are the crucial points? Nana has completely turned against the army and their mission to kill the gifted, she has decided that she is not going to kill anyone else and wants to save them.

But more cases continue to happen, of talented people killing each other (some cases unintentionally, others the culprits were manipulated etc).

There comes a time when all the students return to the country, leave the island and go to the city and stay in a building, in that building the army is manipulating the students to kill each other.

And there is the biggest bomb in the manga, Nanao, who everyone thought was the protagonist, is alive and he is totally evil, manipulating the people and wanting to kill, but acting very calm, Nanao is on the side of the army since they saw that Nana betrayed them.

Result? The situations are happening, Nana is getting very close to Kyouya, until the army takes action, the army causes a huge explosion and blames the talented people for it, it is the excuse to arrest everyone, Nana runs to the students to warn them, but before she confesses everything.

She says that she killed the students seen in the anime, and tries to make them run away, but it turns out that in anger Nana is attacked, and later she is arrested by the army.

Spoilers for Munou na Nana
Nana and Nanao in the field where the talented ones are

3 years pass.

The government passes repression laws against the talented and they live in concentration camps now, without water, light or food, some killing themselves, others dying of diseases, others being killed by soldiers inside the camps.

Then we find out that Nana was arrested and apparently being “re-educated” to return to being an army tool to watch over and kill the talented ones.

Spoilers for Munou na Nana
Nana after leaving prison and having been “re-educated”, and behind her Nanao, who generally thought he would be the protagonist and that he was dead

But Nana is just pretending to be a pawn, she remains the same as 3 years ago, so little by little Nana while pretending to be an army bitch, starts to plan a plan to save the talented people of the field.

Spoilers for Munou na Nana
Nana meets Kyouya again, but he has no memories of her anymore.

In this she meets Kyouya, who is now a “watchmen” in the field, he is a talented man who works for the army watching over other talented people.

It turns out that Kyouya has a limited memory, so he doesn’t remember either Nana or the events of 3 years ago, it turns out that Sorano, one of the girls who becomes friends with Nana and Kyouya in the manga, has the notes of Kyouya’s memories.

Because he loses his memory from time to time, he writes everything in a diary, to read and recover part of who he is.

Anyway, the situation at the moment is this, Nana, Kyouya (with “recovered” memories) and a new girl who has the power to go back 1 day in the past are together and planning how to save everyone.

At the same time, the army is developing a drug that takes talent away from the talented, and they are going to execute Kyouya’s younger sister, so the 3 set out on a mission to rescue her.

I hope I have explained more or less well how the situation in Manga de Munou na Nana is, to be honest, it is a development that I did not expect to see in Nana.

Ah, about Tachibana Jin, he was wounded and captured by the army, it is still unknown where he is.

Nana’s wish is to save everyone and who knows, if the girl who has the power to go back in time gives her an upgrade, she can make Nana go back before she started killing people to save them.

How do you read the Manga? By Crunchyroll in English, they are publishing the chapters.