Urusei Yatsura’s New Anime Won’t Be a Complete Adaptation

Urusei Yatsura's New Anime Won't Be a Complete Adaptation

Having premiered last week, Urusei Yatsura is currently showing its remake, the original manga is from 1978 and had a total of 34 volumes, the original anime is from 1981 and had 195 episodes.

Now in 2022 the anime receives a remake, but this remake will not be a complete adaptation of the all the manga.

In reality, this anime will be a compilation of the “best chapters” of the manga and not a complete adaptation, after all, there are 366 chapters.

Well, the staff of the anime of Urusei Yatsura wanted the author of the manga, Rumiko Takahashi, to choose her favorite chapters to be adapted for the anime, but Rumiko refused saying that she doesn’t want the fans to know which are her favorite chapters of the anime. manga out of shyness.

So it was the staff who chose which chapters to adapt, and below you can see which chapters will be adapted in this first cour by Urusei Yatsura, which will have a total of 46 episodes!

  • Young Love on the Run (First chapter – 001)
  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Bermuda Triangle chapter – 005)
  • Trouble Rains Down (Mendou Introduction – 022)
  • Cultural Festival Close Call (Sanshiro Sugata play with Ran – 056)
  • The Glove of Love and Conflict (Boxing gloves – 216)
  • Farewell Party Close Call (Ran invites Lum and Ataru to hear home – 058)
  • Parents’ Day Horrors (Lum’s Mom Introduction – 051)
  • Studying Mayhem (Rei comes to class with Mendou shocked – 110)
  • Home Is Where You Find It (The little sea creature in the Pool with his tea stand – 086)
  • Marine Garbage Disposal (Same little sea creature – 091)
  • The Yellow Ribbon of Happiness (The Yellow Ribbon – 015)
  • Sealed with a Kiss! (Mendou and Kurama – 137)
  • Mendo Siblings (Ryoko’s introduction – 121/122)
  • Amazed in a Maze (Cave and we learn Mendou’s fear of the dark – 030)
  • Since Your Parting (Ataru cries like a bitch when she “leaves” him with only a Lum doll left – 034)
  • How I’ve Waited for You (Fake love letter / Valentine’s Day chapter – 026)
  • Good Day for a Departure (The first Setsubun and Benten introduction – 008)
  • To Kill with Love (Rei’s introduction – 006)
  • Present for You (Sakura’s introduction – 004)
  • Oyuki (Guess who’s introduction? – 010)
  • Ataru Retires (Ataru “Retires” – 061)
  • Forget-the-Year Party! / A Strange New Year at the Mendo Estate (Roleplay with the class as Mendou is Sherlock and Ataru as Zenigata + Festival at Mendou estate – 113/114)

I didn’t put the chapter names to avoid spoilers for those who don’t know anything about the manga and want to go watch it without getting spoilers, but these are the stories that were chosen to be adapted in this first cour.