VTuber goes viral after revealing that her first French kiss was with her sister

VTuber goes viral after revealing that her first French kiss was with her sister

The title says it all, Hikari is a very small Vtuber, she only has 40,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel at the moment but she is living a “good” time these days because of a certain clip of her that went viral.

It is a clip of streams that took place earlier this year, in which she talks about situations that happened to her when she was younger in relation to her family.

The first case was when she revealed that she French kissed her older sister, she said she was in the hallway and needed to go to the bathroom, her older sister then blocked her way.

At that Hikaru said “Let me through, i will leak, i will leak!” and then her older sister said “If you French kiss me I’ll let you pass” and then they kissed…

After kissing her and her sister she went to the bathroom, she says that at the time french kissing was popular so she thinks her sister wanted to try and well…

And there’s more, she says that in the past her whole family slept together in the same room and next to each other, she says that the order was from right to left>

Her father, next her two sisters, then her mother and in the other corner Hikaru, and she says that she was “in the edge” and thinking that her whole family was already sleeping, she started to masturbate right there….

The worst is that she had her back to her mother and when she turned around her mother had her eyes wide open, and asked Hikaru “what the hell are you doing?”.

Hikaru says that she was embarrassed, turned to the other side and went to sleep. And after months after revealing these cases she is now getting popular with the public because of these clips where she tells crazy stories about her family.

You can see her channel here.