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They arrested a Japanese criminal who was not the star of the media

They arrested a Japanese criminal who was not the star of the media

A major recent news story in Japan has been the deathbed confession of Satoshi Kirishima, who was involved in the bombing of Mitsubishi Heavy Industry headquarters in 1974, which killed eight people. Kirishima had evaded arrest for half a century and lived a relatively normal life under an assumed identity until just three days before his death due to stomach cancer.

Another notable aspect of this whole case was Kirishima’s wanted poster, which had an unusually gentle smile compared to the grim scowls of most other suspects.

They arrested a Japanese criminal who was not the star of the media

With just a casual glance, your eyes are probably drawn to the smiling Kirishima in the bottom corner, much to the chagrin of Shigeyuki Kin, who happens to be the guy whose picture is directly to the left of Kirishima’s. With the recent development, this poster was widely displayed in media coverage, and I can only imagine Kin was constantly seeing it alongside his own face for the whole country to see.

And sure enough, just as the media blitz surrounding Kirishima was going on, the police received an anonymous tip leading to the residence of Kin in Sendai City. The 55-year-old organized crime member was wanted for attempted murder from a shooting incident that took place in Nagano Prefecture in 2020.

They arrested a Japanese criminal who was not the star of the media

Kin was promptly arrested on February 1st in a building where he lived, which is owned by a company affiliated with his organized crime group, suggesting that he was well hidden and unlikely to have been found without the sudden recognition. If ties between the gang and residence are proven then it may even lead to further arrests.

It’s certainly a testament to the power of showing wanted posters on television, and many comments online were left wondering why it isn’t done more often.

“If showing wanted posters on TV can get those kinds of results, they really should do it more.”

“I envy people who can recognize faces like that. If someone changed their hair, I wouldn’t be able to recognize them.”

“And it’s all thanks to Kirishima’s smile.”

“Those morning shows are boring anyway. They should just show mugshots the whole time.”

“It’s funny to imagine that guy’s anxiety seeing his face on TV every day.”

“I don’t usually look at those posters outside. They should show them more on TV.”

“At least Kirishima could do something good before dying.”

“They got him right away too. I’d be worried if I was one of those other guys on that poster.”

“Now, that they’re reporting on Kin’s arrest, maybe they’ll get the guy next to him.”

After Kin’s arrest, reporters spoke to people in the neighborhood, all of whom expressed surprise that one of Japan’s most wanted was living on the same street as them. It goes to show that even though most people brush off wanted posters thinking they’d never cross paths with those people, you can never be too certain.

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