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Chinese Vtubers have their Faces and Names Exposed

Chinese Vtubers have their Faces and Names Exposed

One of the perks of being a Vtuber is not showing your face or revealing your real name, just using your 2D character to create a persona and have fun with your subscribers, but not even that is possible anymore in China.

According to some online reports, new rules in China require influencers with a certain number of fans to submit, verify, and display their identities, showcasing their real names as well as a photo of their face to everyone.

The rules vary depending on the social media platform used by Chinese influencers, but the fact is, several Chinese Vtubers had their identities revealed because of the Chinese government, sparking a heated debate among fans.

Chinese Vtubers have their Faces and Names Exposed

An image is circulating on the internet showing Chinese Vtubers alongside their real names and photos, as shown below:

Chinese Vtubers have their Faces and Names Exposed

As you can see, many Chinese Vtubers had their identities exposed, as one person commented: “Why do we need hackers leaking your data when the government does it for you?” Below, you can see another image showing the faces of various influencers:

Chinese Vtubers have their Faces and Names Exposed

Reactions from the Japanese audience were as follows:

  • “Stop this.”
  • “What would happen if this were done in Japan?”
  • “Ai ai…”
  • “They’re completely destroying the fictional world.”
  • “People with a certain influence in society should show themselves.”
  • “Perhaps communism is correct in the internet age.”
  • “A good system that allows you to support cute girls with ease.”
  • “Why are they doing such cruel things?”
  • “Was it necessary to register the face and name?”
  • “Did everyone have their faces revealed?”
  • “Some cute girls are getting mixed up here. Why did they choose to be Vtubers?”
  • “It’s the end of this industry in China.”
  • “It’s fair to credit the staff members.”
  • “This is what’s good.”
  • “This is cool. If they do it this way, weak-minded men who get involved in illusions will decrease.”
  • “Frankly, since the actors are just interpreters, isn’t this good? Is it difficult for VTuber fans?”

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