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R18 Artist Arrested After Trying to Register His Art

R18 Artist Arrested After Trying to Register His Art

Today, I’ll be discussing a case from 2019 that will be relevant for an upcoming post, as it explains part of a current controversy happening in South Korea.

Who is Kidmo?

Firstly, let’s introduce the protagonist of this whole story, Kidmo, a talented South Korean illustrator who gained popularity at the time for his art resembling that of Sakimichan, but with a focus on NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content.

R18 Artist Arrested After Trying to Register His Art

Gradually, he started gaining attention and became well-known for his NSFW art. He also started a YouTube channel where he was popular and had friendships with other YouTubers.

His art drew so much attention that he was hired to produce art for three games: Wish Paradise High, Secret Pie, and Secret Series: BJ, all from Momentum Games.

However, one day Kidmo disappeared from the internet. He stopped updating his profiles, and his fans began to wonder what had happened to him until we shed light on the incident.

R18 Artist Arrested After Trying to Register His Art

R18 Artist Arrested After Trying to Register His Art

Kidmo discovered that his art was being used without his permission on a pirate site. He contacted the site to remove his art, but they refused, stating that only the copyright owner could request removal.

As Kidmo’s art was not registered, he decided to become the legal copyright owner of his illustrations and filed for registration in his home country, South Korea.

However, by doing this, he was arrested for violating the Youth Protection Act, as many of Kidmo’s artworks depicted women in school uniforms engaging in adult activities. Since he filed the registration under his real name, the police found him.

Producing adult content with minors is a crime, and for South Korean authorities, Kidmo’s content showcased just that, leading to his detention.

There were also discussions about Kidmo allegedly committing tax evasion. The news portal Yonhap News published a video called “Did you make 500 million won a year drawing NSFW?” that discusses the case:

Kidmo remained missing for a long time, but three weeks ago, he reappeared with a new video on his YouTube channel. Details are still scarce, such as whether he is serving any suspended sentence (after spending some time in prison) or his plans for the future.

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