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The Termination of Vtuber Riro Ron is the Most Insane in Vtuber History?

The Termination of Vtuber Riro Ron is the Most Insane in Vtuber History?

WOW, this must be the most impressive termination of a Vtuber ever, the Termination of Vtuber Riro Ron was because she: meet fans offline, soliciting gifts, use of controlled substances, and even having a relationship with a management team member.

The Termination of Vtuber Riro Ron is the Most Insane in Vtuber History?

Idol Corp, which manages a relatively small group of Vtubers, gained some fame due to a Twitter post announcing the dismissal of Vtuber Riro Ron.

Their statement is remarkable as it lists the reasons for Vtuber Riro Ron’s dismissal. They mentioned conducting an internal investigation and discovered the following violations:

  • Improper use of controlled substances during her live streams.
  • Soliciting private offline meetings during members-only live streams.
  • Meeting a fan in person and accepting gifts from that fan, with the gift being valued at thousands of dollars.
  • Having a secret relationship with a member of the Idol management team, who was also fired after the facts were confirmed.

Termination of Vtuber Riro Ron

They conclude the statement by announcing that Riro Ron’s channel will be terminated on January 1, 2024. The Idol’s announcement of the Vtuber’s dismissal is so incredible that the post reached 3.8 million views on Twitter and garnered opinions like:

“She did everything everyone thinks Vtubers do HAHAHA.”

“The craziest resignation announcement I’ve seen so far.”

“I like that you didn’t try to hide what she did.”

“Much respect for your transparency about her actions.”

“God have mercy, this is the most intense dismissal announcement I’ve seen from a Vtuber company.”

“Chad energy, bring her back; she deserves the best. When will she be with Vshojo?”

“So, this kind of thing (fairly common) gets anyone normal fired from a regular job, so it makes sense to me. I can’t understand how some people think this doesn’t justify dismissal.”

“Wow, this is insane.”

“- Sleeping with the manager
Meeting fans personally who gave her gifts
Doing drugs during a live stream
This is literally an NTR/Corruption doujin.”

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