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Will the day come when Bunshun goes after Vtubers?

Will the day come when Bunshun goes after Vtubers?

It’s okay if you’re not into Vtubers, but understanding the impact they have on the entertainment world is crucial. They’re making appearances on TV, hosting radio shows on famous stations, and their music is climbing high in rankings, not to mention their immense popularity on the internet.

And because Vtubers typically use an avatar, often that of an anime girl, many people wonder about the person behind the character. If you search around, you’ll find websites that compile information and even reveal the faces of famous Vtubers.

But what about scandals? Possible relationships? Controversies? For some Japanese, the day may not be far when gossip magazines target Vtubers.

Will the day come when Bunshun goes after Vtubers?

Will the day come when Bunshun goes after Vtubers?

The most recent controversy involving a Vtuber centers around Hoshimachi Suisei, a popular Vtuber and singer from Hololive. Rumors started circulating that she might be in a relationship and could even be married to singer Daisuke Sakuma of the group Snow Man.

Suisei did a live stream clarifying that it’s all just speculation and rumor, and she’s not in a relationship with anyone. In fact, the latest information we have is that Suisei lives with her sister.

But what happened? Due to this Suisei controversy, some Japanese people started wondering when the famous gossip magazines would start focusing on Vtubers.

One of the most famous gossip magazines is Bunshun, always on the lookout for singers, voice actors, actors to find out who they’re dating or if they’re cheating on their partners.

Will the day come when Bunshun goes after Vtubers

It was because of Bunshun that the story of the voice actor Suzuki’s infidelity came to light; he cheated on his wife, the singer Lisa, responsible for the opening theme “Gurenge” of Kimetsu no Yaiba.

So, the Japanese began to ask, “With this Suisei case, who is already a big media singer, it shouldn’t take long for gossip magazines to focus on Vtubers and their lives,” will it? Anyway, let’s see some reactions:

“How are they going to do that if they don’t know their faces?”

“Even if they take photos, no one knows what the face of the VTuber looks like, so who will determine who the real person is?”

“It’s a character, so there’s no problem; it doesn’t suffer damage.”

“It would be interesting to target those who keep saying ‘peko peko.'”

“If he’s just playing games at home, he won’t be exposed in magazines, right?”

“First, expose Ado.”

“Being a fan is difficult. I think it’s better not to get attached to a single idol and see things more broadly and superficially.”

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