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Showrunner wants a SPY x FAMILY live-action

Showrunner wants a SPY x FAMILY live-action

Adapting fantasy stories to live-action is always a big challenge and one that hardly pleases fans. When it comes to an anime, it is more valid to do a live-action Koe no Katachi or Your Name, for example, which are more realistic series, so to speak. Works like One Piece and Dragon Ball end up being too caricatured and hardly fit well into live-action.

Showrunner wants SPY x FAMILY live-action

Well, Steven Maeda, showrunner of Netflix’s One Piece, expressed interest in making a live-action SPY x FAMILY:

”I love SPY x FAMILY so much. It’s simply wonderful. It’s funny you mentioned this, as it’s one of the IPs I’ve been chasing for a while. I think there are a lot of interesting stories to adapt. It’s just hard to get them. But the anime is definitely impressive source material.”

Showrunner wants SPY x FAMILY live-action

Will we have a live-action SPY x FAMILY movie very soon? Well, if it happens, please the fans. It is worth remembering that the second season of the anime premieres October 7th.

Source: Dexerto

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