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Steam Bans Dungeon Travelers 2 Due to Ecchi Content

Steam Bane Dungeon Travelers 2

Steam has banned Dungeon Travelers 2, a series of dungeon crawlers by Aquaplus, due to its ecchi content. In these games, players must assemble a team and face monster girls.

Two games from the series, Dungeon Travelers 2 and Dungeon Travelers 2-2, have been banned from the Steam platform for not complying with its policies. This is not the first time such a thing has occurred, as other games have also fallen victim to Steam’s policies.

Steam Bans Dungeon Travelers 2 Due to Ecchi Content

This usually happens when Steam possibly wants to force the owning company of a product to cut out the ecchi content, and when the company refuses, the game simply does not get released.

The ecchi content featured in Dungeon Travelers 2 includes some CG images showing sensual scenes, which is deemed “inappropriate” according to the platform’s standards. You can check out these scenes here.

The company responsible for the game issued the following statement:

“Steam’s review process has made approval impossible while maintaining the core appeal and high standards we hold for these titles. We apologize to all players who were expecting a Steam version of DT2-2.”

Once again, we have another case of a game being canceled due to its content.

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