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Japanese Reactions to the One Piece Live-Action

Japanese Reactions to the One Piece Live-Action

The One Piece Live-Action series is generating incredible buzz, and undoubtedly, those who have never watched the anime are feeling drawn to watch and get to know the series.

Despite One Piece already being extremely famous, the series will undoubtedly bring more readers to the manga and more viewers to the anime, as Kaguya-sama’s author once mentioned.

Kaguya-sama started as a manga and later received an anime, followed by two live-action movies. During that time, Aka Akasaka mentioned that live-actions reach an audience that manga and anime cannot.

Japanese Reactions to the One Piece Live-Action

The initial fan opinions regarding the One Piece live-action are extremely positive. On the Rotten Tomatoes website, where you can see the audience’s rating, the series has an approval rating of 95%.

Japanese Reactions to the One Piece Live-Action

For comparison, on the same website, Cowboy Bebop has 60%, Death Note has 23%, and Halo has 52%, showing how out of touch certain websites are when it comes to evaluating things.

Let’s take a look at the opinions of the Japanese audience regarding the One Piece live-action and their initial assessments. Let’s see if the original country’s audience is enjoying the adaptation.

“Only Disney productions are excessively politically correct.”

“What about Dragon Ball and Cowboy Bebop?”

“Hollywood is currently being hindered by political correctness restrictions.”

“Depending on this, it seems that the overseas live-action adaptations of Japanese anime are progressing.”

“The Korean wave is on the decline, so now is the chance to dominate with Japanese content.”

“Oda must have so much money he won’t be able to spend it in his lifetime. Time isn’t enough to catch up to him.”

“Even in the original work, there are no Japanese characters as protagonists, so it’s okay.”

“Thanks to having zero expectations, I ended up having quite a bit of fun. But there’s still the black mark of racial changes.”

“No matter how much money you spend, if you leave it to the Japanese team, it will surely become boring. Those who produce movies and dramas have skills, so I think Japanese creators, who are used to poverty, can’t handle a budget of over 300 million yen. They’re good at making small masterpieces, but that’s it.”

“The intensity of the fight scenes is definitely superior to Rurouni Kenshin.”

“I watched all the episodes, and it was fun, but making a long-term series of this size would be challenging in terms of management.”


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