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Oda banned romance in the One Piece Live-Action

Oda banned romance in the One Piece Live-Action

One of Oda’s conditions for the One Piece live-action to happen was that there could be no romance among the crew members! No romance!

We’ve mentioned before when Oda responded to some female manga fans years ago that he would never create romance among the Straw Hat members. Nami won’t date Luffy, Zoro, or Sanji, and this is something that will extend to the live-action as well.

Oda banned romance in the One Piece Live-Action

According to the TVgroove website, he talks about how fans who watched the series felt that there was chemistry between the actors playing Zoro and Nami, Mackenyu, and Emily Rudd.

From the scenes where they board the ship to the ones where they work together under Buggy and choose clothes in the mansion, their conversations are so friendly that even viewers who aren’t fans of the original have started rooting for their future romance.

Oda banned romance in the One Piece Live-Action

But now Oda is here to disappoint fans who love a good romance. According to Steven Maeda, co-producer of the series, he said that things will likely stay just as friends.

“One of Eiichiro Oda’s (the original author) conditions for allowing the live-action adaptation was the ‘prohibition of romance among the crew members’.” Oda was deeply involved in the live-action and set some conditions, with this prohibition of romance being one of them.

We know that Western productions love to include romance in stories. Maeda says that the chemistry between the two actors is really evident, but there will be nothing between the characters of the two, although fans are free to imagine.

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