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GIGA Announces Kaiju Sentai Jyuukaizar! Yes that’s R18 Production!

GIGA anuncia Kaiju Sentai Jyuukaizar

In July of last year, adult content producer GIGA released a “normal” Super Sentai series called Kyusei Sentai Wakusaver.

Wakusaver had its episodes released for free on Youtube, but all episodes served as a preview for the last movie, released direct on DVD and which contained the “bad ending” of the story, where the rose was abused by the villains.

We’re talking about an adult producer here!:

And behold, now Giga announces a new Super Sentai series that if no one tells you that it is produced by an adult producer, no one will realize how amazing it is!

Watch the trailer for Kaiju Sentai Jyuukaizar, which will be released in December:

Actress Kamishiro Mio will play the role of Juu Pink, equivalent to Power Ranger Rosa for Brazilians, she should probably have a very naughty destiny if she follows the same line as the previous series.

But look how well these uniforms are!

Kaiju Sentai Jyuukaizar

And here’s Juu Pink:

Kaiju Sentai Jyuukaizar

As mentioned before, Kaiju Sentai Jyuukaizar is supposed to follow the same lines as Wakusaver, first releasing the series in episodes on Youtube with a normal story, and then selling the DVD that contains the ending of the story with the whole R18 thing.

According to what I saw on Twitter, this is one of the most expensive productions that GIGA is making, and I really can see, the uniforms are really amazing.