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Artist Shirakami Arrested for Producing Adult Animations

Artista Shirakami foi preso por Produzir Animações Adultas

Artist Shirakami was arrested for producing adult animations and profiting from them on foreign sites like Patreon. Did you know that producing hent@i and profiting from it on the internet can land you in jail in China? That’s apparently what happened to an artist named Shirakami.

Artist Shirakami Arrested for Producing Adult Animations

Shirakami is an hent@i animator with over 566,000 followers on Twitter. He produces 3D adult animations featuring various famous characters. However, his last post was on December 12, 2022, and since then, Shirakami has disappeared from the internet.

New information shared on social media and from some Chinese websites indicates that Shirakami was arrested by the Chinese police at the end of last year.

His crime would be profiting illicitly from foreign websites by producing adult animations, and he allegedly made a profit of 1.83 million Chinese Yuan. The photos below show the police operation at the location where Shirakami worked on his animations.

Artist Shirakami Arrested for Producing Adult Animations

Artist Shirakami Arrested for Producing Adult Animations

Some reports say he was arrested, while others claim he is cooperating with the police but will not be able to resume producing his adult animations. His social media accounts remain inactive, with his Twitter page showing his last post. His fans lament the situation:

“I will miss you, rest in peace, my friend.”

“He won’t come back; he was arrested by the police.”

“Are you okay? What happened?”

“Legend, be strong in prison, we still need more.”

“My man. NOOO, we miss you, man.”

“China, what a lovely place.”

“We will never forget you, hero.”

“I saw some posts saying he was sentenced to 10 years?”

“Maybe just 1 or 2 years. I heard the same thing happened to other 3D adult animators in China, and they were released after 2 years, now they make safe animations.”

In any case, since everything from China is a bit difficult to confirm and there’s a lot of “hearsay,” I don’t know if this story is 100% real. I checked some Chinese forums, and from what I could understand, people are discussing the same thing, but we’ll have to wait for more details.

via: Cakemoe

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