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Band Creates Metamorphosis-Inspired Song

Band Creates Metamorphosis-Inspired Song

Have you ever imagined a Metamorphosis-Inspired Song? Not too long ago, we posted here an artwork created by an AI that envisions what Metamorphosis would be like if it were a Disney Pixar movie. The art turned out really beautiful, with Saki looking quite adorable.

Right after posting that, I stumbled upon an American Metalcore band (or another style – feel free to correct me in the comments) that created a song inspired by Metamorphosis!

Band Creates Metamorphosis-Inspired Song

In October 2020, the band Desolate released a song inspired by Metamorphosis, the most famous manga by Shindo L. The lyrics of the song are about the manga’s protagonist, Saki Yoshida.

The song is titled “MissingNo. [177013],” which is the famous code for the Metamorphosis manga on the pirate site Nh*ntai. You can listen to the song below and read the lyrics:


Let’s set the scene;A dying girl with a dying dreamBroken, OD’d
So love, what’s it gonna be?When life’s so empty
You sought love; you found viceYou sought god but he blacked out every light
There’s no time to bleedSold your soul for safetyYet every night you leaveFeels like hell on repeat
Suicidal sleep; won’t you come and comfort me?Let me sleep
You were fractured, abusedIf existence was the game;You were destined to lose
Now the wolves are throughAnd they even left you
PerversitySupersedesTheir lack of sympathy
Fuck their sympathy
Drowned in the deep;The broken girl with the broken teethNo hope, no peace
No need for an EMTWhen death comes cheap
No hope, no peace
Nothing to love, nothing to bleedThe paradigm of misery
No hope, no peace
So let me fucking sleepWhen death comes cheap
What’s the point, what did I miss?Broken hearts on bloody wristsYou found heaven in a needles’ kiss
This is not oyasumiThis is how it’s supposed to be
No hope, no peace

Below are some reactions to the song:

“This song made me go read the manga, I love your band, but man, this is dark. BUT GOOD JOB, guys.”

“When you’re brutal but love ‘CULTURE’ doujins.”

“This is incredible; your storytelling is on another level, amazing vocals as well.”

“I wish this number would vanish from my mind, but at the same time, I appreciate the experience of having read it.”

“I like how this song captures the feeling of reading 177013, the anger towards her mother, father, and all the guys and people who failed her.”

Band Releases Metamorphosis-Inspired Jacket

Two weeks ago, the same band released a jacket with stylized artwork of Saki, for those who like it, it’s cool, but I find it a bit too gory:

Metamorphosis is truly a milestone in the world of NSFW manga, even giving rise to music. Who would have thought, right? Although it’s not a music style I personally enjoy, it’s nice to see this kind of creativity.

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