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Pixiv demands Censorship in Onimai’s recent Cap

Pixiv demands Censorship in Onimai's recent Chap

The Pixiv is an online platform where illustrators can publish their arts, manga, 3D works, and more. Recently, the site suffered a setback by removing international payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Pixiv also has Fanbox, which is a kind of Japanese Patreon. Many illustrators publish their content on Fanbox, and fans support these creators monthly with money.

The author of “Onimai,” besides publishing the chapters in Monthly Comic Rex, shares the new chapters in advance on his Fanbox account. So, those who support the author can read the latest chapters of “Onimai” before the official release in the magazine.

Pixiv demands Censorship in Onimai's recent Chap

Everything was set for the author to publish Chapter 87 on his Fanbox, and he had done it when a problem arose. According to Nekotoufu (author of “Onimai”), Chapter 87 of Onimai was removed from Fanbox by the site’s moderation team.

He was told that “modifications” would be necessary for the chapter to go back online. In a post on his Twitter, the author commented that “in my opinion, there is nothing that needs revision,” but that he would censor certain parts of the chapter and try to publish it again.

Pixiv demands Censorship in Onimai's recent Chap

Subsequently, the author revised the chapter and republished it on his Fanbox account, asking fans to check the chapter to see if they found anything wrong with it.

Obviously, this situation caused outrage among Japanese otakus, who commented if Pixiv will suffer any consequences for violating freedom of expression. Another person commented that apparently Pixiv’s first review is being done by an AI and this can lead to errors.

Others commented on how unfair it is for Pixiv to act in this way with illustrators who draw by hand, while allowing people who use AI to make money without any problems.

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