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“Lucky Me” says Onimai Author about Studio Bind

"Lucky Me" says Onimai Author about Studio Bind

We recently published here about the interview that the Onimai author gave to the Pixivision website about his involvement with the anime, in this publication we will bring more information about what was said in the interview and which are interesting facts about the history of Onimai.

At first, Onimai emerged as a doujin, the Onimai author said that he always liked “gender bender” stories, that is, of changing the sexes, and that he made doujins of the theme before risking publishing an original story.

"Lucky Me" says Onimai Author about Studio Bind

Onimai then started out as a manga that he published on the internet himself, and it became popular enough to be published as a physical manga. But back to the anime subject, this was the comment of the Onimai author when he heard that Studio Bind was going to animate it:

“When we started planning the anime, Studio Bind had only released the first promotional video for Mushoku Tensei, so I didn’t know much about them. They eventually proved to be amazing, lucky me! I was so moved when I saw the characters I created moving so freely.”

Another thing commented on was the look of the anime, the coloring that the anime has, when watching an episode you clearly notice the tone of colors that the anime shows is different from that of several other animes, about this was the answer of the Onimai author:

“I think they were director Shingo Fujii’s ideas. He previously animated promotional videos in a similar style. When we received the design, there was some debate about whether the color scheme would be too tiring on the eyes. However, the director said that using colors pattern would make the anime look too simple, so we settled on this look. We had to make some changes, but for the most part, the anime was created in the style originally suggested.”

Lucky Me says Onimai Author about Studio Bind

Regarding his involvement with the anime’s scripts, this was the full response:

“The producers and staff told me that the script is the most important part of the production, so I was encouraged to speak up and express my thoughts. , I prioritize the suggestions of the director and the screenwriter, and only ask for specific changes in some parts that I consider critical.”

Let’s finally talk about character design! In the last post, I mentioned that the characters that underwent changes between the manga and anime had full approval from the original author, it was revealed that he himself requested some requests about the look of some characters:

“I also made some character design requests, but when the team expressed their own preferences, I told them to do what they wanted, without pressuring them to do things my way. I know very well that the team is very talented , so I delegated many tasks to them so that the project could proceed smoothly.”

Lucky Me says Onimai Author about Studio Bind

Finally, the Onimai author tells that he went after seeing the reaction of the fans when the anime premiered and even said that the anime gave a good boost in sales of the doujins and the manga of Onimai:

“On the day of the release of the first episode, I looked on Twitter for the hashtag Onimai , but there were so many comments that I couldn’t read them all. (laughs) That’s when I realized the enthusiasm of the response.

Furthermore, the number of doujinshi orders placed through DLsite and BOOTH has skyrocketed. I think the buyers were mostly new fans, and I was really happy that the anime had such a positive reaction.”

Fonte: Pixivision