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Chapter 72 of Onimai manga became private on FANBOX because of a single word

Cap 72 do mangá de Onimai se tornou privado na FANBOX por causa de uma única palavra

Chapter 72 of Onimai manga has been published, but privately on FANBOX. This happened because of the use of the ”Onii-chan” tag. The manga creator himself commented on the incident:

”Onimai chapter 72 has been private on FANBOX. They say it’s because the word ”onii-chan” is related to incest”.

Chapter 72 of Onimai manga became private on FANBOX

Like ”loli”, ”onii-chan” seems to have become a banned word, resulting in a mass ban given that these words bear a certain resemblance and that many artists use it in their work.

chapter 72 of onimai manga

Many said they were upset by what happened. The creator of the series has been publishing the chapters on the platform without any headaches, until this problem arose recently.

Source: Otakomu

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