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Oshi no Ko Spoilers: The End of the Shipping War?

Oshi no Ko Spoilers: The End of the Shipping War?

Oshi no Ko has been in a complicated situation lately. Let me warn you, this post contains HEAVY SPOILERS FOR OSHI NO KO. It appears that the shipping war in Oshi no Ko has finally come to an end!

The manga’s situation was as follows: Ruby discovered that Aqua was her doctor, whom she was in love with, and she even kissed him by surprise, causing several fans to drop the manga.

Ruby Aqua kiss

Later, they kissed again, but this time it was during the filming of a movie, so it was a professional kiss. Recently, we had a strange conversation between Akane and Kana, two of Aqua’s romantic rivals.

Akane dated Aqua for a while, they broke up, but Akane is still in love with him. However, she is focused on preventing Aqua from killing his father.

Kana has always had a crush on Aqua that she never expressed, and in previous chapters, Akane said she would support Kana in dating Aqua. If Kana didn’t make a move, Akane would try to get back with him herself.

Oshi no Ko Spoilers: The End of the Shipping War?

This left fans genuinely confused. There are fans of both Aqua x Akane and Aqua x Kana ships, creating a strange situation where Akane, despite still loving Aqua, says Kana would be a better match for him.

Oshi no Ko Spoilers: The End of the Shipping War?

In Chapter 150, titled “Knife,” we finally get Aqua’s perspective on romance, something rare in the manga.

Oshi no Ko 150

In this chapter, Aqua talks with Goro, having a conversation with his former self. Goro tells Aqua that he cannot pursue Sarina (Ruby’s previous life), and Aqua acknowledges this. Ruby loves Goro, the doctor, while Aqua is a “different person.”

Ruby sees the “Goro Amamiya in Aqua” and not Aqua for who he is. The two then discuss Kana, and Aqua finally admits that he has been in love with Kana for a long time!

Kana in love with Aqua


Aqua has no interest in playing Ruby’s game and admits he truly loves Kana. Meanwhile, Kana reflects on her conversation with Akane and Aqua and decides to ask him out, also admitting she is “truly in love” with him. Let’s see the public’s reaction:

“Incest is finally dead, Aqua’s perspective, what an amazing illustration of Kana, Peak fiction.”

“Kanabros, we’re back.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, Peak is back, Kana is saving Oshi no Ko.”

“No more Aqua x Ruby, we’re free.”

“Not gonna lie, it feels like I’m reading a different series now.”

“Hikaru in the next chapter: let me introduce myself.”

“Why does this feel like a red flag?”

“Goodbye, Alabama.”

“Is it just me, or is the pacing of this chapter a bit off?”

“This is definitely a red flag for Kana…”


“Oshi No Kana is REAL.”

“I still prefer Aqua x Ruby, but it’s okay… I’ll have to rely on fanfictions…”

“Aquaruby still lives in my heart o7.”

“The author randomly confirmed Aqua x Kana as the final ship.”



“It’s time for the most introverted date of all time, in the next chapter.”

“I knew I was right to trust Aka, let’s go Kanabros, we’re back.”

That said, I agree with some comments. I think Kana might end up being killed by Aqua and Ruby’s father, which I see as a huge red flag. Buy the Oshi no Ko manga here and support the end of incest!

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