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Komi-san chapter 411: It finally Happened

Komi-san chapter 411

Spoilers, spoilers, lots of spoilers, please be careful when reading! Well, Tomohito Oda’s manga recently gave us a more than special surprise with Komi-san chapter 411.


First of all, we need to remember that Komi and Tadano officially became a couple in chapter 306, published in June 2021, okay? Who knew, who wanted 100 friends, now has a boyfriend, right?

Komi-san chapter 411: It finally happened

Okay, Komi and Tadano became lovers, but their relationship hadn’t progressed until then. And that’s what author Tomohito Oda delivered to fans, a kiss between the two in Komi-san chapter 411!

komi-san chapter 411

In this chapter of Komi-san, Tadano and Komi arranged a meeting on the last day of a regional festival, but that didn’t work out very well, as it ended up raining heavily, and the two had to seek shelter under the nearest roof. And a kiss closing Komi-san’s cap 411 happened.

komi-san chapter 411

This happening in chapter 411 made many fans happy. After so long, we finally have a kiss between Tadano and Komi in rainy weather.

Below are some reactions from fans:

“Dude, just put sugar in my blood, I don’t care about diabetes”

“Was that a kiss on the last page?”


“What? They went from 0 to 40 to 100”

“Oh, they kissed”

“Guys, I think we finally have a kiss”

“Huh? HUH? HUH???? THE LAST PAGE???? HUH???”

“Hehehehehehe, I’m kicking my legs here, can’t it get any cuter?”

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