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One Piece Ep 1066 will be directed by an American

One Piece Ep 1066 will be directed by an American

One Piece ep 1066 will be directed by an American! Gone are the days when it was rare to see foreigners actively working on anime. Lately, we have seen more and more foreign animators involved in anime, and now we are witnessing foreigners taking over the direction of episodes!

One Piece Ep 1066 will be directed by an American

In a tweet, Henry Thurlow, who works at Toei Animation, revealed that he is the director of One Piece episode 1066, which will air later this month.

He mentions in his tweet that, as far as he knows, there has never been a non-Japanese director who has directed an episode of One Piece or any Toei production before, which marks a historic milestone.

“Reported in Newtype: I, Henry Thurlow, am the episode director of One Piece 1066 airing this month. As far as I can tell (& as far as the production staff knew when I asked) there has never been a non-Japanese ep director for OP, or possibly any Toei Animation TV series… ever.”

He even asks for the help of everyone who sees his publication to confirm if he is really the first foreigner to direct an episode of a Toei production, or if something similar has happened before.

One person mentioned the Transformers anime, which aired in 1984 and was a co-production between Toei, Marvel, and Sunbow Productions. Toei animated the first two seasons, while the third season saw the involvement of South Korean studio AKOM.

You can check out the staff of this Transformers anime here, so in a way we’ve had similar cases. Either way, it’s still a significant achievement. The director mentions feeling great anticipation and carrying a huge weight on his shoulders.

Final de One Piece vazou

In another publication he says:

“Just to be clear, this means that for one episode… I, personally, am in fact, completely in charge of the “Auras.” Their size. Their color. Rainbow if I want it. Anything. Anything at all. Mwahahahahahaha!!!”

Let’s see how episode 1066 turns out. Good luck to him!

Via: Twitter

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