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Animate Won’t Stop Selling Seinen Manga

Animate Won't Stop Selling Seinen Manga

Animate Won’t Stop Selling Seinen Manga! Animate is one of the largest chain stores selling anime products like merchandise, DVD and Blu-rays, manga, doujins, etc. So recently otaku across Japan became extremely concerned when an image started circulating online.

A post on Twitter reached more than 5 million views, shows a warning from Animate that reads as follows:

“To our customers, we have stopped messing with Seinen manga, we apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your understanding.”

Animate Won't Stop Selling Seinen Manga

Seinen is a manga category whose target audience would be young men, unlike Shonen or Shojo manga which is for children, Seinen manga already has heavier topics and more adult stories.

So imagine all the fuss online about Animate stopping selling a huge category of manga?

Animate Won’t Stop Selling Seinen Manga

The image and the discussions went viral so much that they reached the ears of Animate, which explained the situation better to the J-Cast News website. Last winter, Animate in Akihabara (where the above photo was taken) started an expansion project.

In April, the company opened its new two-building facility. Due to this, the store is still organizing the display and sale of certain categories of merchandise, including seinen manga.

Previously, the seinen manga section was located in the basement level 1, but Animate decided to relocate them to another location and also make some changes to the space where they used to be. The purpose of the notice and fabric barrier was simply to inform customers that they cannot access that area and that the seinen manga are no longer there, but elsewhere.

Animate apologized for the way the warning was done, as it ended up confusing people. As a result, the company has since replaced the sign and the new one reads: “For employees only”, making it clear that only employees are allowed to enter that area. So it was a false alarm, Animate won’t stop selling seinen manga.

Via: J-Cast News

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