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Gas station employee leaked Hideaki Anno personal Info

Gas station employee leaked Hideaki Anno personal Info

Gas station employee leaked Hideaki Anno personal Info! On June 5, the creator of Evangelion, Hideaki Anno went to a gas station to fill the tank of his car, the station employee looked at him and recognized the creator, having confirmation shortly after when the customer signed the receipt of the credit card as “Hideaki Anno”.

Gas station employee leaked Hideaki Anno personal Info

The clerk was excited and in his excitement, this employee made a huge mistake. He took a photo of the receipt and posted it on social media, with the caption “OMG, Anno came to my job”.

His animation was innocent, but he did not censor some parts of the receipt, as it contained some of the mangaka’s personal information. the receipt detailed how much Anno paid during the visit, the type of credit card he used, the last four digits of the card, the payment approval code, and even the number of T-points earned on this purchase along with the total points of the Year.

T-points is a reward points program that is widely used in Japan.

Interestingly, the receipt did not say which post Anno had made the purchase, but that was not difficult and soon people deducted and found out which post it was, because only 1 gives the T-points, and it is Eneos.

Gas station employee leaked Hideaki Anno personal Info

After his initial post, the official continued to insist he wasn’t lying or deceiving himself about meeting Anno. In response, many other Twitter users advised him to delete the post that has private information, regardless of who it belonged to. Around 2pm on June 6th, the employee apparently complied and deleted not just the tweet, but his entire account.

Japanese reacted to the case this way:

“Working at a gas station is very dangerous. I’m not sure someone so careless should be there.”

“Anno has an impressive number of T-points.”

“That’s why we need more education on personal information security.”

“Honestly, I noticed the ridiculous number of T-dots before I even saw the signature.”

“I understand feeling excited, but you just can’t do that.”

“I know how the guy feels, but he really needs to quit after this.”

“I remember someone did this to Masaharu Fukuyama a while back.”

“Looks like the clerk was Itsuki Takeuchi from Initial D.”

“It’s a funny story, but also a very scary one.”

There were those who criticized the gas station employee too much, even calling him a “Baito terrorist”, with the term “baito” referring to the fact that the act was done by an employee and not a customer. This employee leaked Hideaki Anno personal Info, we hope other fans don’t do that.

Via: Soranews24

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