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Oda praising Watsuki enrages Otakus

Oda praising Watsuki enrages Otakus

The Sandman profile usually publishes several curiosities about One Piece, his profile is only dedicated to One Piece and some information that we publish here we took from there.

On March 18, Sandman published a comment that Oda (author of One Piece) made about Watsuki (author of Rurouni Kenshin) in 2021.

The message is as follows:

“Watsuki-sensei is an amazing person, the relationship between him and me is more like companions than master and apprentice. I worked with him for 4 months, maybe it was the happiest moment of my whole life”.

He continues:

“Before my debut, he advised me to improve Luffy as a character, so fans could feel that he was acting of his own free will.”

In that interview, which was done between the two authors, Watsuki said that Oda is a genius, and he also stated that he believed One Piece would be the best manga after he read only the first chapter.

The Sandman publication reached 1.4 million views and reading the comments we have several people remembering the case involving Watsuki, he was arrested after the police discovered that he had child pornography.

Some of the comments:

“It doesn’t surprise me Oda of all people praise Watsuki, he must be involved in one way or another”

“We as a community should all drop One Piece and boycott this man Oda”

“Really disgusting that this is coming from one of the best and my favorite mangaka, turning a blind eye to such heinous things he has done is quite unacceptable”

“I understand not cutting ties with someone who helped you get to where you are now, but at some point you have to draw a line”

“There’s no defense for that, it’s disturbing”

“2021 yikes, you should stop idealizing these mangakas”

“Partners in crime?”

“Wait, he said that in 2021 after all the shit that came out about Watsuki? That’s concerning”

“What rubbish”

“My God, I’m going to be forced to hate One Piece WTF”

“Both are pedophiles”

“You can’t trust ANY Japanese”

“I’m glad I don’t expect anything good from this old man”

And that’s it, yes, another post based on a Twitter publication but it gained a lot of views.

Via: Sandman