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Japanese react to KimiZero’s non-Virgin heroine

Japanese react to KimiZero's non-virgin heroine

A non-virgin heroine? The anime Kimizero recently premiered and it is a little different from the romantic comedies you find out there, because here, the heroine is not a virgin.

KimiZero’s story is about a shy boy with no experience who is in love with his classmate, a gyaru named Runa, he then declares himself to her and she accepts.

So right away she takes him to her house and offers to have sex with him. What happens is that she has had several boyfriends, who apparently have s*x with her and then break up, and she thinks that dating just means having s*x.

“Isn’t that all all boys can think about when they’re alone with their girlfriend?”

Japanese react to KimiZero's non-virgin heroine

Because she is a gyaru, and because of her appearance, she has apparently always attracted the wrong types of men, who only take advantage of her. And then we have our protagonist, her new boyfriend who wants to do things the right way.

Japanese react to KimiZero’s non-virgin heroine

Before this anime premiered, there was a “complaint” from the Japanese about the story having a non-virgem heroine, there is a certain preference that female characters who are the protagonists’ love interests are pure, so when one like that appears you see comments like:

“This girl seems to know this a lot, in the future she will be a good s*x worker”

“This anime could be an Er*ge”

“There are cases of s*xual addiction, it is not a disease so it cannot be cured”

“She’s so cute, it’s a shame”

“This girl looks like she would be diagnosed with some mental disorder in a psychiatric clinic, haha. I hope everything is okay with her.”

“How many episodes are they going to do?”

“Will the story continue in this state of teasing?”

“Actually… if I meet a girl like that, I think I’ll f*ck her and then say goodbye.”

“Ah… she’s used…”

“Regardless of whether she does it or not, if she has that mentality about it, it’s likely that I’ll lose interest in this anime”

“She’ll probably end up in a club or doing JAVs”

“I bought the original novel thinking what kind of story they would do with a non-virgin heroine, but I didn’t even pick it up to read it”

“It seems like the anime will be teasing me all the time, I’m already anxious”

“I’m reading the original, and the series is actually interesting, the most recent volume was mediocre however, I’ll give the anime a chance”

“The concept was shown in a good way, and I think it was a good first episode, I hope the animation quality continues at this level”

Japanese react to KimiZero's non-virgin heroine
“We will not be having s*x?”

“NSFW content is welcome, the character designs are good and they look like high school students to me, I just can’t like the idea of her being ‘used’.”

“Does it show any explicit scenes that show how slutty she is? If there is one, I’ll watch it”

“Is this going to drag on without anything serious happening? Otherwise it’s ridiculous”

“They should have embraced it from the beginning, just like Domestic Grilfriend”

“If they’re going to focus on these promiscuous characters and build the story around them, I’m going to get really bored”

“It doesn’t matter that she’s not a virgin, but this has no purpose in the story”

“I don’t believe there are people who watch this”

“This reminds me of Fuufu Ijou, Koibito Miman, that is, a trash anime”

“Well… that’s hard to see, the story is completely different but Sono Bisque Doll, which had a similar concept, is much more interesting”

“It’s like when Cliff confessed to Elinalise in Mushoku Tensei”

“For those who like Netorare”

“She ended up becoming a bigger bitch than I expected, who is the audience they want to reach with this anime?”

“They should make this an anime where they have s*x in every episode.”

Did you watch the anime?

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