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New Little Sisters Light Novels Are Making Romance Easier

New Little Sisters Light Novels Are Making Romance Easier

New Little Sisters Light Novels are in a new era! One of the things that anime like to do is take an imouto and put her as a romantic interest of the protagonist, but this always creates complications due to the family relationship that the protagonist has with his little sister.

But those days are ending, since two recent light novels came to simply end this problem, and we know that light novels tend to be adapted into anime very easily, don’t they?

Let me introduce you to two light novels with amazing titles that I hope will become anime in the future.

First we have: Giri no Imouto to Kekkon shimasu which means: “I’m going to marry my half sister”.

Giri no Imouto to Kekkon shimasu

The story here is basically the following, the protagonist’s father remarries, and because of that he gets a little sister, and the FIRST FUCKING MOMENT he sees his new sister, it’s LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT and he declares “I’m going to marry with her”.

He admits that he looks at his new sister with sexual desires, despite his desire, his new sister has a bad first impression of him and things don’t start well!

Here we have a protagonist determined to marry his new little sister! But it’s not over, we have another light novel about a very recent little sister too.

Meet: Ore to Imouto no Chi Tsunagattemasen Deshita or “Me and my sister are not blood related”.

Ore to Imouto no Chi, Tsunagattemasen Deshita

Growing up thinking they are brothers, one day the protagonist discovers a shocking truth that neither he nor his little sister know, one day his parents tell him that he is not his little sister’s blood brother.

That little sister who keeps sitting on his lap while saying “I love you” is not his blood relative! That little sister who keeps saying “if it weren’t for them being blood brothers, she’d marry him” is not his blood relative!

Well, now the relationship of these two will change!

As you can see, with these two new Little Sisters light novels making sibling romance too easy, we are perhaps witnessing a new era of little sisters.

Crowd reaction:

“This is adult manga plot”

“I saw something like this like 10 years ago”

“Design looks like it was made by AI”

“There are many titles at the peak of their popularity”

“Are we going back to the era of old games?”

It seems like little sister light novels are gaining traction with convenient plots that help the siblings get along.