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Fan launches petition to remake Chainsaw Man anime

Fan launches petition to remake Chainsaw Man anime

Dissatisfied with the production of the anime, a Japanese fan decided to open a petition to remake the Chainsaw Man anime. According to him, the anime is a ”failure and doesn’t live up to the manga.”

In this petition he gives several reasons why a new production of the MAPPA anime is needed.

peticao chainsaw man

Fan launches petition to remake Chainsaw Man anime

It reads as follows: ”After the start of broadcasting, the Chainsaw Man anime generated controversy. The reason is that, although the high quality of the animation was well received, there is a big gap between director Ryu Nakayama and fans regarding the interpretation of the original work, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that it was practically a failure, since it was heavily criticized on social media and anonymous forums.

Considering this situation, I submitted a petition to Shueisha and studio MAPPA, requesting a new Chainsaw Man anime with a new director who knows the original work well. The voices of many fans will drive the realization of this project, so I ask for your help in signing this online petition.”

remake chainsaw man anime

Now let’s go to the criticized points that were put together with the petition. From directing to acting, check it out below:

Director’s Interpretation of the Original Work: Ryu Nakayama’s direction of Chainsaw Man was highly unpopular. This is due to the excess of realism and eroticism in the anime that spoils the momentum and jokes considered attractive in the original work.

Denji’s dialogue in episode 1 ”If you stand in our way, you’ll die!” was partially cut. Changing Kobeni’s battle scene in episode 9. There are also many changes that call into question the understanding of the foreshadowing and interpretation of the original play, such as changing Kobeni’s battle scene in episode 9.

Other criticisms include the few breaks between episodes and the optimization of the overall story structure and pacing in the anime adaptation, such as “too much time passes before the samurai sword arc”. There are many opinions on social networks and anonymous forums pointing Dorohedoro from MAPPA, animation producer TRIGGER, Tarantino films and B movies as the ideal direction for the anime.

Direction: Overall, the jokes and battle scenes get a bad rap in Chainsaw Man. A lack of power or intensity due to anime, CGI, and the removal of manga-like effects were cited as factors. The fights in Episodes 1 and 3 in particular received a lot of criticism, while Episode 4 was generally well received.

Many people also said that they wanted the composition and individual images of the original work to have more meaning. OP’s images are controversial due to excessive animation push, while ED’s images were very well received in many ways.

Music: It’s very unpopular, it’s not exciting and it doesn’t leave an impression.

Sound Effects: There were many complaints about the power of the sound effects in Chainsaw Man, especially the chainsaw sound being monotonous, and many loud sounds, such as an engine, were requested instead of a motorized one.

Acting: The gag scenes are widely considered problematic as they are completely bland due to their realism, blah blah blah, and lack of intonation.

In particular, the performance of the main character, Denji, stands out. Compared to the original work, it’s dark and lacks any distinct craziness, and its Toya Kikunosuke cast is unpopular. Although this took place before the anime adaptation, it has been persistently requested.

remake chainsaw man anime

”I’m also a fan of Chainsaw Man and I was so looking forward to this anime adaptation that I was disappointed. I’m sure there are people who feel the same way I do, to a greater or lesser extent, among Chainsaw Man and Tatsuki Fujimoto fans across the country and around the world who have been eagerly awaiting the anime’s airing. So, sign the petition.” says the Japanese fan.

Anyway, if you agree with him, sign the petition here. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

via: Yaraon