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Jason DeMarco Says No More FLCL Anime

Jason DeMarco Says No More FLCL Anime

Jason DeMarco is the Senior Vice President of the Anime and Action/Longform series department at Warner Bros Animation and Cartoon Network Studios, and a tweet from him has surprised some fans.

Jason DeMarco Says No More FLCL Anime

Essentially, he posted that Adult Swim considers the two FLCL animes they produced, “FLCL Grunge” and “FLCL Shoegaze,” as successes and is happy with the performance of both animes. However, the company “won’t be making more” FLCL animes.

He then thanked the fans for their support with the two animes, and that’s it. FLCL is an original anime released in 2000 in OVA format. In 2018, it received two movies called FLCL Progressive and FLCL Alternative.

In 2023, the anime FLCL: Grunge premiered, and currently, the anime FLCL: Shoegaze is airing. It seems that, for now, this will be the end of the series.

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