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NIKKE Manga in Children’s Magazine Worries Some

NIKKE Manga in Children's Magazine Worries Some

When you think of NIKKE what comes to mind first? ASS isn’t it? ASS in your face, BUTTOCKS shaking, ASS moving, HUGE ASS on your screen taking up space, ASS, right?

NIKKE = “ASS”, so imagine the concern of some when it was announced that the famous “shaking butt” game, NIKKE, will have a manga… nothing wrong with that, the problem is that NIKKE’s manga will be published in CoroCoro.

NIKKE Manga in Children’s Magazine Worries Some

During NIKKE’s 1st year live, it was announced that we will have new characters entering the game, as well as new skins, but the highlight was the following: A NIKKE MANGA… the problem is the magazine, CoroCoro!

Historically, CoroCoro is a children’s magazine in which series such as Mario, Splatoon, Pokémon and others are published. The term “CoroCoro” became a trend on Japanese Twitter, with many commenting on the decision.

Below you can see the first look at NIKKE’s manga:

NIKKE Manga in Children's Magazine Worries Some

The NIKKE manga will be drawn by Utsusumi Kio (who MAKES adult Blue Archive doujins), this will be his first manga series. The story of this manga will take place in an “alternative universe that is peaceful”.

Utsusumi Kio posted on his Twitter a print of two terms that went viral on Japanese Twitter Trends, these being: “Corocoro” and “Great School of Fetishes”, because they decided to put a NIKKE manga in a children’s magazine.

NIKKE Manga in Children's Magazine Worries Some

Shall we see some reactions from the Japanese?

“Really CoroCoro? This will distort elementary school students’ fet*ches… Well, I guess the Momotaro manga in the past was equally erotic, so is it okay?”

“CoroCoro has always been a source of sexual awakening for a long time!!!”

“People are making a fuss about kids getting twisted fetOches from Duel Master and CoroCoro, but kids these days are probably more stimulated by browsing Twitter on subaccounts.”

“CoroCoro with Nikke and Uma Musume will give kids kinky fetOches later. I think it’s not right that the magazine likes to do this kind of thing every now and then.”

“Children’s FetOches…? Awakening to Monster Girls with Puniru wa Kawaii Slime, crossdressing with Beyblade, and busty bodies with Nikke… You know that’s the standard for elementary school fetOches in the Reiwa era now, right…?”

“I don’t understand how NIKKE is going to introduce fetishes to kids. Aren’t they going to turn into healthy boys with big boobs and asses?” ‘ or ‘just be sOxuOlly and oOcited with images of girls penetrating other girls’.”

Let’s see what this NIKKE manga will be like, huh?

via Otakomu e SankakuComplex

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