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Players furious with Pascal on NIKKE

Players furious with Pascal on NIKKE

Pascal on NIKKE! The game NIKKE has recently announced a collaboration with the game Nier Automata. Waifus like 2B and A2 are in the game and they are quite alluring. However, a certain character from Nier Automata has entered the game, and it’s a character that no one expected, leading to complaints.

Players furious with Pascal on NIKKE

First, let’s showcase the two Nier Automata waifus that have entered NIKKE. We have 2B:

And A2:

Pascal is a robot, the leader of a village of pacifist robots that you encounter during the story, and he assists the player in many moments. He has been announced and apparently is the first male character (despite being a robot) in NIKKE.

Players furious with Pascal on NIKKE

However, looking at the comments, people aren’t too pleased. Let’s see what some individuals had to say:

“You should have included the Commander or at least one of the Operators.”

“I’d prefer 9S as one of the guys. Pascal is a somewhat odd choice…”

“I play this game because I want to see an anime character, not a robot man.”

“Damn it, it’s not a woman.”

“A man… well, I’ll ignore this.”

“They wasted the opportunity to showcase cool additional characters.”

Players furious with Pascal on NIKKE

“Why?! PASCAL IS MALE!! I’ll ignore it!”

“I’d say Pascal is a bit of a strange choice for the SR unit, considering there are plenty of other android women who could be playable, like Anemone and Jackass, or one of the Operators if they are active at that moment.”

“Pascal must be Yoko Taro trolling NIKKE players; that’s something he would do.”

“What the hell, I was hoping for the Commander or Kaine.”

“The first male character in NIKKE and he’s not a femboy, how crazy.”

You can read more reactions in the original post here.

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