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Possible KimiZero Spoilers leave fans unresponsive

Possible KimiZero Spoilers Elicit Fan Backlash

Warning! KimiZero spoilers have surfaced on the internet, particularly concerning the light novel. But before we delve into the details, let’s clarify what KimiZero is and why there’s such a buzz about these spoilers.

Well, let me explain a few things first. KimiZero is an anime centered around an extremely shy and virginal young man who manages to date one of the most popular girls in his class.

However, there’s a catch: his new girlfriend isn’t a virgin. On the very first day of their relationship, she makes a rather explicit offer.

“Aren’t we going to have sOx?”

Possible KimiZero Spoilers Elicit Fan Backlash

The young man, overwhelmed by shyness, declines, asserting the need to get to know each other better and his desire not to follow the pattern of her previous boyfriends. And thus, their story begins.

So, we have Ryuto, a timid guy who dates a girl named Runa, seeking a serious relationship. Meanwhile, Runa is a non-virgin who’s had “several” boyfriends who only wanted to use her. For the first time, she’s with someone who genuinely cares about her.

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter:

Possible KimiZero Spoilers leave fans unresponsive

Warning! KimiZero spoilers come from online comments, although the volume’s synopsis confirms some information. Since I don’t intend to read the novel, I advise you to exercise caution with these spoilers.

To date, KimiZero’s light novel comprises seven volumes. Fan outrage stems from the transition from volume 5 to volume 6. Volume 5 concludes with the characters starting their senior year in high school.

Possible KimiZero Spoilers Elicit Fan Backlash

However, upon opening volume 6, readers discover that the author skipped several years, and Ryuto is now in his second year of university! Yes, the entire third year of high school was completely bypassed, and the characters find themselves in college.

Furthermore, the main couple remains together, but surprisingly, they are still virgins. Despite the passing years, they haven’t progressed in their relationship. Ryuto declined his girlfriend’s suggestion for intimacy on the very first day of their relationship, and they have made no further advancements.

A comment I came across read, “Ryuto deserves to suffer some netorare, seriously.” This happens in volume 6, and volume 7 is already out, so I’m unsure if the situation remains the same.

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