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You Can’t See Makima Butt in NIKKE and Players Complain

You Can't See Makima Butt in NIKKE and Players Complain

Makima, Power, Himeno will be in the NIKKE game, but not in the way many fans expected, as it will not be possible to see Makima butt as she wears her long coat in the game and yes, this generated heated complaints from players.

I was watching a Persona 4 Golden live when the subject turned to Makima’s participation in NIKKE, soon the chat crowd started talking about the disappointment of not being able to see Makima’s whole ass swaying, and the streamer started to give his opinion.

For him, it’s really a disappointment, as NIKKE was made for that! To see girls’ asses swaying, deep story? Gameplay? No, you play NIKKE to see ass! And that’s when I learned about this controversy.

You Can’t See Makima Butt in NIKKE and Players Complain

NIKKE is a game where our characters crouch and shoot with the most diverse weapons, and this makes their bodies sway, therefore, making their asses sway and many wear very little clothing.

You Can't See Makima Butt in NIKKE and Players Complain

So the crowd was excited when the Chainsaw Man characters were announced for the game, however…. see for yourself:

Yeah, Makima has a huge coat covering her butt, which was talked about a lot in the anime and manga:

You Can't See Makima Butt in NIKKE and Players Complain

You Can't See Makima Butt in NIKKE and Players Complain

Player Reactions to Not Being able to See Makima’s Butt

Let’s see how the crowd reacted? Below is a compilation of comments from social media, I picked up some comments from NIKKE’s official Twitter and Reddit post.

“Coats – Sad Face”


“He finished”

“The coat is the main villain of this game”

“Drinking a Cup of Pure Disappointment”

“Let’s end oppression asses”

“Coat-kun Strikes Again”

“I’m a simple man, I see a coat I jump”

“Coat Game / Hair Game”

“Please delete the coats”

“Easiest skip of my life, developers have lost the way”

“Oh, so I won’t invoke anything, I think they decided that for me”

“Why make a game about BUTTS and then cover them up? What’s wrong with Tencent or the developers?”

“What’s the point…”

“We all knew this would be the case”

“This collab is an easy skip for me”

A user on Reddit complained about a rumor circulating that the team that produced Chainsaw Man did not allow the characters to be sexualized in the game, when in the anime they are fully sexualized.

He cites the goal of Denji wanting to do [su_spoiler title=”Spoiler Text” icon=”arrow”]sexual things with Makima, that Makima herself treats him like literal dogs. That Power (also present in the game) literally lets him touch her breasts. And that Himeno is the worst of the 3, for kissing him and taking him to his apartment and almost having sex with Denji. [/ Su_spoiler]

He adds: “So yeah, after all that if they think showing their characters’ backs is too much they don’t make sense”.

Power was also the subject of complaints:

You Can't See Makima Butt in NIKKE and Players Complain

“Sig… her coat magically got bigger… that’s stupid”

“I’m not even against coats, but this is too much already”

“I really like well designed jackets, the problem is that 50% (if not more) of NIKKE characters wear them, it’s starting to get really boring and repetitive”

“You know, I started to think if this isn’t because it’s cold outside, then they’ve gone the fashion route”

“Bitch, their bodies are extremely resistant to the cold as we see in the story.”

“Power at least makes sense since she always wears that coat all the time”

Japanese reactions to not being able to see Makima’s Butt in NIKKE

Okay, but those were the western fans of the game, and the players in Japan, how did they react to knowing that they won’t be able to see Makima’s ass, Power in the NIKKE game?

These were their reactions:

“Wouldn’t it have made more sense to collaborate with Lycoris Recoil?”

“It doesn’t make sense for this collaboration to hide Makima’s ass”

“Himeno is the least relevant character of the three, I’ll try to take only Makima and Power”

“I just wanted to see them shake their asses”

“I wanted to see Makima’s ass”

“These weapons are strange”

“I don’t understand the collaboration with Chainsaw Man, it’s a game where girls shake their asses”

“Makima is wearing a coat so we probably wo n’t be able to see her dela ass dela”

“What about Kobeni-chan?”

And that’s the bullshit, but I agree with the players, the game is really about seeing the girls shaking their asses, to hide that is going against the grain of the game, well, it seems the Thai NIKKE team was right in that commercial of theirs huh?