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Illustrator Maenchu Confesses Tracing Other Artists

Ilustradora Maenchu Confessa que Copiou outros Artistas

Illustrator Maenchu confesses tracing other artists to produce her illustrations and animations. Maenchu is a popular illustrator on Twitter with over 500,000 followers. She used to create NSFW dubbed animations and share them on her profile.

However, she was caught tracing and admitted to the practice. Tracing is when you copy someone else’s artwork by essentially overlaying your own lines on top of another illustration.

Illustrator Maenchu Confesses Tracing Other Artists

On June 13th, Maenchu posted a thread on Twitter where she admitted that she had been stupid and lazy. She confessed that the whole story about her tracing was true. She stated that the reason she did it was simply due to laziness and she thought she could get away with it.

Illustrator Maenchu Confesses Tracing Other Artists

She acknowledges that there is no excuse for what she did and apologizes to all the people who were affected by her actions. She expresses disappointment in herself and mentions that she has reached out to most of the artists she copied.

She mentions that she will be closing her pages, but her Patreon is still active with people supporting her. In response to her confession, there was significant criticism, and someone even created a database of her traced works.

In total, 27 illustrations made by Maenchu were copied, and she has been copying illustrations since at least 2020, so it has been going on for some time. You can view all the copies here. Among the copied works, Maenchu copied from other illustrators as well as from games and anime!

At the moment, Maenchu’s profile is inactive, but she continues to post on her Patreon.

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