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Genshin Impact: Dori Cosplayer Suffers Hate

Dori Cosplayer Suffers Hate

A cosplayer suffered hate from a good part of Genshin Impact fans for a reason that I will leave for you to judge. There is a character in Genshin Impact named Dori, she is a little girl from Sumeru, who in turn has been the subject of controversy before.

For the new region of Sumeru, Genshin Impact added new characters, and a good part of the players hated how none of them were black. See how Dori is in the game:

Alguns Fãs de Genshin Impact estão irritados porque os novos personagens são Brancos

Now to our case, since a cosplayer innocently wanted to do her version of Dori.

Dori cosplayer suffers Hate for alleged “Sexualization of Minors”

The cosplayer WifeKirei published in this beginning of September her pictures of her cosplay of Dori, the cosplay has absolutely nothing outrageous, it is very faithful to the clothes that Dori wears in the game, but even so, many people took issue with it.

Dori Cosplayer Suffers Hate

Out of nowhere, she started to be hated by many people and all she managed to do was block new comments from being made on her profile, just to give you an idea, not even she understood what was happening.

But anyway, what was the reason for the attack? Apparently there are people who consider Dori an example of “Cultural Appropriation”, given her skin tone, to give you an idea, there were people even attacking the person who gives the voice in the English version of Dori and now they decided to attack this cosplayer.

These are some of the comments that were made against WifeKirei:


“Not just orientalism but underage and ugly sexualization”

“An outfit a child wears…”

“She is a child”

“Dori is a child!”

“But when you say you want her added to that suicide data, I’m the bad person”

“She’s just cosplaying, SHE’S COsplaying a child”

“What the fuck is this?”

“What is wrong with you?”

“My friend is a kid, what the fuck?”

Honestly the cosplay is faithful to the clothes the character wears, but apparently adults can no longer cosplay children or short characters.

As I mentioned earlier, WifeKirei blocked her photo comments to avoid more comments like these, and later she was able to understand all the anger and the reason for the attacks.

Another controversy for the list of controversies that the Genshin Impact community puts together.