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Anya fanart causes controversy for Association to the Holocaust

Anya fanart causes controversy for Association to the Holocaust

Khyle is a well-known illustrator on Twitter, with over 800,000 followers he often makes “controversial” illustrations, and uses well-known politicians in them.

However, an illustration of SPY x FAMILY that he published on January 27th generated complaints from a good part of Twitter, when some people asked that he be banned, blocked, etc.

The illustration causes controversy:

Anya fanart causes controversy for Association to the Holocaust

What’s controversial about this illustration? Basically it makes references to the holocaust, the art shows Yor taking Anya to her “school”, to which the girl is crying.

On the school gate we have the name “Arbeit Macht Frei” which is a slogan that appeared in Nazi concentration camps at the time. Also, Anya holds a book called “Man’s Search for Meaning”, which is about the author’s experiences in a Nazi concentration camp”.

Another factor is that the illustration was published on January 27th, January 27th is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, so…

Reactions to the illustration:

“Worst tweet?”

“I’ve been a fan for ages, but this is where it ends, there are some lines you just don’t get across”

“Honestly, you can find cheap flights from the Philippines to Poland in the off-season and actually visit Auschwitz to educate yourself.”

“Why are people upset about this? It’s just Anya on a trip to a historic place, just look at the book she’s holding.”

“You know, this has gone too far, over 6 million murders committed in cruel ways, a tragedy that shouldn’t be forgotten, and here you are, with views in the millions, mocking and still promoting your patreon. You should be ashamed”

“Delete it”

“You thought about it. You planned a rough sketch. You spent a lot of time drawing this. And you said, ‘yeah, that looks good.’

“It was not funny”

“On Holocaust Remembrance Day??? Excuse me????? Disgusting”

“Is this why people are freaking out? If you find the humor in it, that’s up to you, but nothing about this illustration is comical or tasteless. Of all the “dark” images on this account, this one has to be the most tame, calm and respectful.”

“It’s funny how people get mad about it when Family Guy and South Park made tons of jokes like that”

“As an illustrator from the Philippines this is pretty embarrassing, if you follow him do yourself a favor and unfollow him, there is a line between black humor and just being offensive”

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