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Love Agency Manga Comes to an End

Love Agency Manga Comes to an End

Aka Akasaka wrote Kaguya-sama and achieved enormous success with his romantic comedy. While finishing Kaguya, he started Oshi no Ko, another major hit, and then decided to begin a new romantic comedy manga, Love Agency, in collaboration with illustrator Nishizawa 5mm.

Love Agency tells the story of a girl and a boy who love each other but don’t know how to approach each other. So, each of them ends up hiring an app service that helps them connect with their beloved. We explain the story of the Love Agency manga here.

Cover of volume 1 of the Love Agency manga

Love Agency Manga Comes to an End

It was announced that the manga will conclude on June 6th. It seems that Love Agency did not achieve the same success as Kaguya-sama and Oshi no Ko, and did not become a long series.

With this unexpected ending, the entire Love Agency series will have only 4 manga volumes, which will be released on August 19th. Observing the reaction of some fans, I see that some are pleased.

Some fans believe that because Aka Akasaka is currently publishing two mangas, he couldn’t fully concentrate, resulting in a drop in the quality of Oshi no Ko, which I disagree with.

What do you make of this news?

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