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Bunny Garden Game is a Success in Japan

Bunny Garden Game is a Success in Japan

Bunny Girls are extremely popular in Japan, with a day dedicated to them. The game Bunny Garden was recently released on April 18.

The game is a hostess club dating simulator that has received much praise from the public for the bold and suggestive manner of the Bunny Girls in the game. Soon the game became extremely popular among otaku audiences.

Bunny Garden Game is a Success in Japan Leading the Steam Best-Selling Games List

The game Bunny Garden led the best-selling games list on Steam in Japan, and ranked second on the best-selling games list on the Nintendo Store.

Bunny Garden Game is a Success in Japan

Bunny Garden Game is a Success in Japan

Bunny Garden is an adventure and dating simulation game set in a club themed after the same name. You play as Haito Kanda, an unemployed man who starts attending the club after being fired from his job.

The gameplay of Bunny Garden revolves around increasing your affinity with the bunnies through conversations, games, quizzes, and buying drinks and snacks. The club is open on weekends and, in order to afford the expensive visits, you need to spend weekdays earning money doing odd jobs or gambling.

Bunny Garden game caused a stir with its system called “PTA” which stands for “pantsu takusan arigato,” or “thank you for the abundance of panties.” This system allows the player to sneak a peek at the bunnies’ panties which vary depending on the day.

Bunny Garden Game is a Success in Japan

With the game released, players discovered a correlation between seeing the panties and the price of the drinks you order at the club. As seen in the video above, the most expensive drinks are on the lower shelves, which means the Bunny Girl needs to bend over even more to get them, thus showing her panties. Such mechanics contributed to making the Bunny Garden game go viral.

Bunny Garden Game is a Success in Japan

On the other hand, the Bunny Garden game also shows how bills can become very expensive at the club, the game allows you to take out loans and gamble. Players are reporting that they have lost any sense of their spending.

They got into debt and millions and tried to win the money back through the game. Furthermore, as a result of getting into debt way over their heads is being taken to work as a slave on a fishing boat illustrated in this way:

Bunny Garden is available for PC via Steam.

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