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Gushing over Magical Girls Removed from TV Tropes

Gushing over Magical Girls Removed from TV Tropes

Do you know the TV Tropes website? The site is a wiki that collects and documents descriptions and examples of narrative tropes, more commonly known as clichés. Since its creation in 2004, the site has shifted its focus from covering only television and film tropes to expanding to all forms of media, including literature, comics, anime, manga, video games, radio, music, advertising, and toys.

The site, which has several pages for various different shows, decided to delete its page about the anime and manga Gushing over Magical Girls, which aired last season.

Gushing over Magical Girls Removed from TV Tropes

Upon visiting the old page for the anime and manga Gushing over Magical Girls on TV Tropes, you will find the message: “This page was removed for reason: Both the anime and manga are to be removed as per Content Policy discussion.”

Gushing over Magical Girls Removed from TV Tropes

The reason for the anime Gushing over Magical Girls being removed from TV Tropes is because the site’s moderators agreed that the anime and manga show scenes of nudity and bondage involving underage characters. You can read the entire discussion that resulted in the banning of the anime and manga here.

Upon learning of the anime’s banning, the following reactions ensued:

“Nothing of value was lost for the Mahoako fans. Feel bad for the people who spent their time writing though.”

“I’m thinking this is simply the start of it, and other animes that normies and tourists popularly hate, or perhaps whatever the admins think are “offensive”, will get shut down one by one ultimately leaving the tames snd safest shit on their website.”

“Ah yes the site I use to get cliffnotes on anime has banned one of the most popular anime of the year basically killing a easy to digest way to read the series without hours of time investment”

“God the people who think that fictional characters are CP are the real problem like learn what fiction is.”

“Weak people.”

“I do personally think that GOMG is pure trash, but these mods from TV tropes sure are being ridiculous.”

Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete 07 06

“Cartoons can’t be CP in the US. Grifters that call it probably have illegal sbit on their HDD and project to distract the masses. Need to know what “Indistinguishable” means?”

“Their sites, their rules”

“All the anime profile pic ppl trying to defend this, lil girls with no clothes on being sexualized equals what ?”

“Hard drive check”

“Screw the mods, theyre no anime fans”


“The girls are 14, and the only real loli in the show is not even sexualized. If the problem is that they’re minors let’s remove most ecchi animes then, including shows like my dress-up darling. Sounds like a decision made by tourists.”

“TV Tropes….. what anime/manga that site allows and doesn’t is so arbitrary. Wonder if there are any other trope places specifically dedicated to anime.”

Did you know the TV Tropes website? What do you think of the removal of the anime and manga Gushing over Magical Girls from it?

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